Monteverde-Costa Rica

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Monteverde, Costa-Rica – April 9 to 12, 2011


En route to Monteverde

The road from Sardinal to Monteverde winds through arid mountains with spectacular landscapes. The vegetation around Monteverde however, is very different: more lush and green because of the humidity of the forest. We stayed at the beautiful boutique hotel Claro de Luna, located a few miles from the entrance of the ecological reserve of Monteverde. The village was within walking distance of our hotel and we found good little affordable restaurants. Despite the proximity of this «urban» life, we always had the impression of being in nature when we were at the hotel. The first day we took the shuttle to the ecological reserve. There, we took the zip line ride that flies over the canopy for several kilometers and a few stations, the last one is a kilometer long. Exciting and just a bit scary;-) In the afternoon, we visited the hummingbirds garden near the visitor center. Photographer’s paradise. I stayed a few hours. It is at the heart of a whirlwind of small birds with fast and frantic movements. The next day we went for a long forest trail of almost 10 kilometers  in Monteverde Park. This trip allowed us to see the majestic Arenal Volcano and hear the haunting song of the Three-wattled bellbird, classified as vulnerable species in terms of survival. During our stay in Monteverde, we also enjoyed a night out in the forest with guide in which we observed species otherwise difficult or impossible to see, such as the tarantula. Fantastic and unusual.

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